The Bible Translation Software Ecosystem​

Paratext works with numerous apps in the Bible translation software ecosystem to help you with studying, translating, recording, publishing, and more!

Connect Paratext with Translation Apps​

The world of translation and linguistic software is vast! Paratext integrates and connects with various apps in the Bible translation software ecosystem to make your work easier and more effective!

Study and Exegesis

Translator's Workplace

translators workplace icon

Translator’s Workplace is an extraordinary collection that has been designed to meet the varying needs of translators worldwide. It includes Bibles, Greek and Hebrew texts, dictionaries, commentaries, translation handbooks, articles and other reference materials. Translator’s Workplace works inside of Logos Bible Software and can automatically scroll to the same verses as Paratext.

Logos Bible Software

logos bible software icon

Logos is an incredibly powerful Bible resource library. Access the Translator’s Workplace library in Logos and synchronize your verse scrolling with Paratext.

BART (Biblical Analysis & Research Tool)

bart icon

BART is an interactive source language Bible program. It is a translation research tool that provides access to the original Greek and Hebrew texts. BART makes it easier for translators with limited knowledge of Hebrew or Greek to recognize the presence of certain features in the source text. Bart can automatically scroll to the same verses as Paratext.

Drafting, Editing, and Checking


keyman icon large 3

Keyman makes it possible for you to type in any language in Paratext and Paratext Lite. Keyboards for specific languages can be found on the Keyman site and on

SIL Transcriber

transcriber icon

SIL Transcriber is a web and desktop app that simplifies the transcription of speech audio files, producing more natural sounding drafts. Once the transcription is completed and reviewed, easily import it into Paratext. 

FieldWorks Language Explorer

flex icon

FieldWorks is a collection of software tools that help you manage linguistic and cultural data. FieldWorks supports tasks ranging from the initial entry of collected data through to the preparation of data for publication, including dictionary development, interlinearization of texts, morphological analysis, and other publications. From Paratext, you can lookup words in your FieldWorks dictionary, or import FieldWorks texts to interlinearize.

Scripture Forge

scripture forge icon

Scripture Forge is a web tool to facilitate online community Scripture checking. Engage with the language community by uploading Scripture portions, asking targeted questions, and importing responses back into Paratext.

Transcelerator Plugin

transcelerator icon

The Transcelerator Paratext plugin helps prepare questions for comprehension checking by using a semi-automated process to translate questions into the target language.

Scripture Recording


hearthis icon

HearThis is Bible recording made easy! HearThis automatically imports Paratext projects and provides a simple, do-it-yourself alternative for communities to record scripture in their own language. Available for Windows and Android.


glyssen icon

Glyssen helps you to produce scripts for a high-quality dramatized audio recording of Scripture. It’s like having a production assistant, guiding you step by step. It quickly identifies all the direct speech in the Paratext project, and the biblical character who speaks each part. Then it walks you through the process of selecting a cast and assigning roles to the voice actors. Finally, it prepares a complete set of scripts to use in the recording process.

Printing and Publishing


PTXprint icon

PTXprint is designed to be a companion for Paratext. It is a stand-alone program which allows you to create high quality PDFs for trial publications of scripture. PTXprint has a multitude of easily configurable options allowing a whole range of outputs.

Scripture App Builder

scripture app builder icon large

Scripture App Builder helps you build customized Scripture apps for Android smartphones and tablets. You specify the Scripture files to use from Paratext, the app name, the fonts, the colors, the audio and the icon. Scripture App Builder will package everything together and build the app for you.

Publishing Assistant

publishing assistant icon

Publishing Assistant equips Bible typesetters to create high-quality print layouts from Paratext projects through integration with Adobe’s powerful InDesign page layout application. It accurately converts project texts into fully styled Adobe InDesign documents, and automates and validates many common page layout tasks, so that new scripture translations can be accurately and efficiently formatted for printing.

Pathway Plugin

pathway icon

The Pathway Paratext plugin prepares Scripture text in multiple formats. Print and electronic publications can be distributed on web sites, Android and Java feature phones.

Digital Bible Library (DBL)

digital bible library icon

The Digital Bible Library is a digital, global repository for scripture translations. It holds a collection of of 2000 texts from more than 1400 different languages. Paratext provides translators with access to translation resources through partnership with the Digital Bible Library.