Report a Problem

To report a problem, use the Paratext menu option described below to report the issue you are experiencing.

Besides your explanation of the problem, the report will include critical information for the developers about your operating system and the version of Paratext you are using.

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Paratext 9

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To report a problem in Paratext 9:

1. Go to the Paratext menu > Help > Give Feedback:

2. For Type of Feedback, choose “Report a problem with…”

3. Give a detailed description of exactly what you were doing when the issue happened, including any steps that will help developers reproduce the issue.

Paratext Lite

See instructions to report a problem in Paratext Lite here.

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Paratext 8

Paratext 8 Icon

Support for Paratext 8 ended on Dec 31, 2021.

Please upgrade to Paratext 9 as soon as you are able.

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