Paratext Lite for Android

Paratext Lite is a companion app to Paratext that runs on an Android tablet or phone. Paratext Lite can helps you do many different translation tasks on a smaller, more portable Android device.

Why Use Paratext Lite?

The goal for Paratext Lite is to expand the size of a translation team for tasks such as reading, reviewing, and revising of the text, or even for the purpose of creating a back-translation. It can also be helpful where the use of a computer in parts of the language area may be inconvenient or impractical. While it is not a replacement for the full version of Paratext, it provides many helpful features for translation teams around the world.

Download Paratext Lite

To download Paratext Lite for Android, see the Google Play Store page or open the Play Store on your device and search for Paratext Lite.

Paratext Lite Features

With Paratext Lite, translators can use many of the same helpful features they use in Paratext. These features have been adapted to work on smaller screens.

Android Device Recommendations

Paratext Lite on a Phone

If you will be using Paratext on an Android phone, we expect you’ll use the phone you already have. Hopefully, it is powerful enough to read and review texts that have been created by your team in Paratext.

Paratext Lite on a Tablet

If you will be doing a significant amount of editing and revision, we would recommend an android tablet with a minimum of 2 GB RAM, an Octa-core processor, and 32 GB of storage. Here are some suggested 10 inch models (unless specified otherwise):

Budget Standard Premium
Lenovo Tab M10 HD
Samsung Galaxy Tab A
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite
Lenovo Tab M10 FHD
All Samsung S-Series
Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite (8.7")
Samsung Galaxy Tab A7
Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab

Paratext Lite Training

Get Started with Paratext Lite Today!

To use Paratext Lite, you must have a Paratext user registration code.

You can use the same registration code you use on a computer.

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