Related Software and Tools

Paratext works with related software and tools in the Bible translation software ecosystem to help you with studying, translating, recording, publishing, and more!

Use Paratext with Related Software and Tools

The world of translation and linguistic software is vast! Paratext integrates and connects with related software (apps and tools) in the Bible translation software ecosystem to make your work easier and more effective!

Study and Exegesis

Translator's Workplace

Logos Bible Software

BART (Biblical Analysis & Research Tool)

Drafting, Editing, and Checking


SIL Transcriber

FieldWorks Language Explorer

Scripture Forge

Transcelerator Plugin

Scripture Recording



Printing and Publishing


Scripture App Builder

Publishing Assistant

Pathway Plugin

Digital Bible Library (DBL)

Supporting Tools

Paratext Registry

The Paratext Registry manages the information about the Paratext users, their organizations, and the Bible translation projects they are working on. This helps keep track of the rights-holders of the various projects, and enables good communication between organizations.

Scripture Markup (USFM)

USFM (Unified Standard Format Markers) is the most common Scripture markup standard within the Bible translation community for identifying the unique textual elements which exist within an electronic scripture document. By following this standard, translators can easily export, print, and share their translation in many different media forms.