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Please check out the videos above before requesting support. If you still need help, try the resources below.

Paratext Help

The Paratext Help system inside of Paratext is quite comprehensive. When you have a question, it is helpful to search through the built-in Help for answers. In the process you may learn some new features you didn’t know about! Use the Help menu or the Help search box in Paratext to find help on a topic.

Make a Suggestion

To suggest improvements for Paratext, use the Paratext menu option described below.

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Paratext 9

paratext icon

To make a suggestion in Paratext 9:

1. Go to the Paratext menu > Help > Give Feedback:

2. For Type of Feedback, choose “Make a suggestion about…”

3. Give a detailed description of your suggestion, including why it would help translators do their work more effeciently and/or effectively.

Paratext 8 Icon

Paratext 8

Paratext 8 Icon

Support for Paratext 8 will end on Dec 31, 2021.

Please upgrade to Paratext 9 as soon as you are able.

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