Paratext Beginner's
"Boot Camp"

Boot Camp Information

The Paratext Boot Camp is an introduction to the basics of using Paratext 9 for Bible translation. This includes:

  • Understanding the menus in Paratext.
  • Organizing the Paratext desktop with projects, resources, and tools.
  • An introduction to the various tools available in Paratext.
    How to keyboard special characters.
  • How to share a project with others.
  • How to communicate using notes.
  • How to use a project plan.

Boot Camp Recordings

This training was recorded and will be made available soon.

Check Past EMDC Classes for more info.

1. Go to
     a. Login/create an account if necessary.
2. Search for Paratext.
3. Click the Training Track button for Paratext 9 Boot Camp.
4. Ensure you can attend all of the classes.
5. Click Submit Request.

Important Announcement for Paratext 8 Users

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