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About Paratext Registration

The Paratext program and its associated text files have been developed by the United Bible Societies for use by its translation and publishing project teams. Paratext is also made available for use by other Bible agencies for whom a formal licensing arrangement with UBS has been established. Persons qualified to use Paratext will include translation consultants, translators, reviewers, translation software trainers/supporters, and those directly engaged in the translation's production. Copyright restrictions, especially those determined by third party copyright holders, require that use and distribution of Paratext be strictly limited to those engaged in the Bible translation and publishing process.

The registration process involves two steps ... (please read)

Step 1

Complete the online registration form available at http://paratext.org/user/register (this form is only available to view if you are not already registered and logged in).

At this point you will receive an email message indicating that you have successfully created a new account on the Paratext website. This account will ultimately provide you with access to the software, and will record information about your Paratext registration details.

Step 2

Wait for an administrative approval process (confirming your direct involvement in scripture translation or production activities). The agency representative with whom you indicated an association will review the information which you provided in order to validate your request. You will receive an additional email with your final Paratext registration details once once this process is complete.

Once your Paratext registration process is complete (step 2), you will receive second email with your Paratext registration Name and Registration Code. At that time your website account will also be enabled to access additional areas such as software and resource downloads, and training materials.

File 1445 Every user needs to have a unique registration name and registration code combination to use Paratext. It not acceptable to use one person's registration information on someone else’s computer.

This issue is critical. Using a single registration name/code for more than one person could result in serious damage to project data, history information, and project sharing functionality. So, please make sure thatevery qualifying user of Paratext 7 is properly registered and that this registration information is applied correctly to their installation of Paratext.

Registration for Paratext does not authorize the license holder to publish any of the texts and resources supplied with the software, because they are protected by copyright. Registration helps the UBS to ensure that these restrictions are observed and enforced so that we may continue to benefit from the generosity of these copyright holders. Registration also enables you to access:

  • program updates & service releases
  • scripture text updates and additions
  • Paratext support resources

Some Additional Answers About Registration

Please send me my password. My username is "XX"

We are now registering users for Paratext 7.0. If the username you have was for Paratext 6.0 or 6.1, you will need to re-register on this website for Paratext 7. The re-registration process is mandatory for all users with the release of Paratext 7.0.

If you have already registered for Paratext 7, but forgot your username or password for this website, please follow the request new password link from the right-hand sidebar on this page.

I have been using Paratext 5 or 6 for many years. Recently I went to the UBS Paratext website and was not able to log on.

The reason that you are having problems accessing the site is due to a new major release of Paratext. All Paratext users are now required to re-register for Paratext 7, if they wish to continue to use the site and its resources.

Here is the link needed to register for Paratext 7.

Can Paratext 7 share documents/projects with older versions?

Yes, Paratext 7.0 can share documents/projects with older versions - 6.1 and 6.0. However, Paratext 7 no longer works with projects stored "by chapter". If you open a project in Paratext 7 which is stored "by chapter", you will be directed to use a upgrade tool which will migrate the text to storage "by book".

I am registered for Paratext 7. Can I also register someone else?

You can register on behalf of another person using the regular Paratext registration form.

There are situations where it will not be possible for the Paratext end-user to personally complete this registration form. In these cases, a consultant or support person may complete the registration form by providing the necessary end-user information. You can enter your email address as the main contact, along with your account information (if a CD/DVD is requested). Once we receive this information, it will be processed and you will be sent you a registration code for your colleague. There is a field in the registration form for indicating that the registration form is being completed by a third-party.

Some of our friends can't download the files or get reliable internet connections in their villages.

Can I share my downloaded files with them and then have them complete their own registration?

Yes, you can share the files with your colleagues, however each of them has to register separately or be registered by you.