Print out your Past Progress

Before changing to a new plan or deleting an old plan, it is important to print out your existing progress.  Because plans can be so different, Paratext does not have an automatic way to transfer progress from one plan to another.

For most teams printing the Stages Table for the existing plan is sufficient. If you need to have detail down to the chapter level then print the Tasks Table.

Process for Printing the Stages Table

Click on the Assignments and Progress icon

The Assignments and Progress window will open in the All Tasks view.

Click anywhere in the box where it says All Tasks and select Stages Table.


The Stages Table will show all books being managed by the current project plan. In the above example, the project plan is only managing Genesis and Exodus.

If you are expecting additional books to be in the Stages Table you will need to go to the Books tab in Project Properties and add them to get them to show up here.

Next click on the printer icon at the top of the Stages Table.

Then either print the Stage Table on paper or as a PDF document.

Have this document handy when it comes time to mark progress in your new project plan.

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