Deleting your Existing Plan

In the previous step you learned how to save a copy of your current progress on paper or as PDF.

Do not proceed with deleting your existing plan, if you were not able to print your progress.

Before you can apply a different plan to your project you will need to delete the existing plan.  Paratext does not have a “replace plan” command.

Procedure for Deleting a Project Plan

  1. Open your project.
  2. Click on the menu tab.
  3. Switch to Full Menu view if necessary.
  4. Hover over Project Settings.
  5. Click on Project Plan.
  6. Scroll down to the last stage.
  7. Place your cursor on that stage.
  8. Click on the Remove Stage button.
  9. Click on OK to accept deleting the stage and to continue.

    you will only see the above dialogue box the first time you delete a stage.
  10. Click on Delete.
  11. Repeat for each stage in your current plan in descending order.
  12. When you begin to delete the last stage,  you will see the following dialogue.  Click Yes.
  13. You will see “None” listed as the project plan.
  14. Click OK to save changes and exit.

    You have now deleted your project plan.

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