Customizing the Base Plan

Base plans are intended to be a means for teams to create a project plan quickly.  They generally need to be customized and configured for each teams needs.  However, the various Bible translation organizations have different requirements for the level of consistency in the plans being used across their organizations.  As a general rule organizations give more freedom in the tasks that are or are not included but they do not want the stages to be changed.  Consistency at the stage level allows for the gathering of meaningful statistics across an organization. Check with your supervisor about how much customizing your organization allows.

Modifying a Project Plan

Modifying a project plan included things such as reordering tasks, deleting tasks, merging tasks and creating new tasks.  The video below describes how to do these operations.

Configuring the Management of Tasks

The project plans give a lot of control over when tasks can start and when they should be completed.  The rule is that a task should be placed in the stage in which it must be completed.  It is possible to configure your plan so that a task may be started in an earlier stage.  This is the setting that allows the project plan to be more flexible.  Project plans also can be configured to grant editing permissions as needed.  Learn about these settings in the following video.

Configuring when Automated Checks will Run

Another powerful feature of the project plan is its ability to run the Basic checks plus several new checks automatically.  The base plans have defaults for these checks, but you can customize which checks you want to run and you have control over when they are run.  You can learn about configuring the automated checks in the video below.

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