Applying a Base Plan

What is a Base Plan?

A base plan is a preconfigured project plan that has been made for your organization.  It is called a base plan because in most cases, you are expected to customize the tasks for your existing project and workflow after applying it.

Which Base Plan?

Various organizations have submitted customized project plans which are distributed with Paratext, but it is hard to get a good overview of the project plan inside Paratext.  So we have included formatted overviews of major base plans below to help you select the right plan for your project. If your organization’s plan is not listed here, you will have to view it inside of Paratext.

Procedure for Applying a Base Plan

  1. Open your project.
  2. Click on the menu tab.
  3. Hover over Project Settings (expand the menu if necessary).
  4. Click on Project Plan.
  5. Click on Manage Plans button.
  6. The Manage Plans window will open.
  7. Click anywhere in the box that says “Select a base plan (recommended)…”, and scroll down to the desired base plan.
  8. Single click on the desired based plan. The Manage Plans window will open with the base plan you selected staged to be copied to your project.
  9. Click on the Copy Plan button to copy the base plan to your project. You will be given a warning that everyone on your project needs to be using Paratext or newer.  This is because some of project plan functionality was enhanced started with that version and older versions will not be able to use the plan you are about to create.
  10. Click on OK to continue. The selected base plan will be copied over to your project.
  11. Click on OK to exit the Manage Plans window.
  12. Click on OK again to save the project plan and complete the process of apply the plan to your project.

You now have a new project plan for your project.

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