Install and Register Paratext Lite

Video Walkthrough

Follow the steps in this video to download and enter your registration information in Paratext Lite, or follow the written steps below.

Written Steps

  1. Install Paratext Lite from the Google Play Store:
    Get Paratext Lite on Google Play
  2. Open Paratext Lite:
    paratext icon
  3. Click on the Settings button in the upper-right corner:
    Tap settings button
  4. If you do not see Registration, click the Expand down arrow:
    Click the expand arrow
  5. Click Registration:
    Click Registration
  6. Enter your Paratext registration information:
    1. Your Paratext Registration Name (1)
    2. Paratext Registration Code (2)
    3. Your email address (3)
      register paratext lite registration information
  7. Click OK:
    Click OK

Series: Getting Started with Paratext Lite