Arrange Windows on Your Device

Before you start working, you need to open and arrange windows on your device. These windows may include:

  • Translation project
  • Back translation project
  • Translation resources
  • My Tasks window
  • Notes window
  • Other windows

Table of Contents

Video Walkthrough

Follow the steps in this video to arrange windows on your device, or follow the written steps below.

Written Steps

Open Projects or Resources

To open your first project or resource, tap Open in the pane/window menu:

Tap Open project or resource:

Tap the project or resource that you want to open:

Tap the Open button:

This opens the project/resource in a fullscreen pane/window:

To open another window, tap the pane menu (which shows the short name of the pane):

Tap Open project or resource:

Tap the project or resource that you want to open:

If you want to open it in a second pane, make sure Open in new Pane is checked:

If you want to replace the current pane, uncheck Open in new Pane:

Tap the Open button.

If you checked Open in new Pane, the window will open in a second pane (#2 below).

If you unchecked Open in new Pane, the window replace the previous window (#1 below).

Using Workspaces

Notice the small rectangles at the top of the screen.

These are different screens (called “workspaces”), where you can open different windows.

Green thumbnails are empty workspaces where no windows are open.

The current workspace has a black line under it.

You can tap on any of the thumbnails to move to that workspace.

You can also swipe sideways to move to a different workspace:

Once you are in another workspace, you can open different windows for that workspace.

Moving Windows/Panes

You can move panes to different areas in different workspaces.

For the pane that you want to move, tap the pane menu:

Tap Move pane:

Tap the location where you want to move this pane:

Paratext Lite will move the pane to that new location:

Switch the Location of Two Panes

To switch (or swap) the location of two panes:

-Tap the pane menu for the first pane.
-Tap Move pane
-Tap the pane that you want to switch with.

Close a Pane

To close a pane, just tap the X in the upper-right corner of that pane.

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