Project Administrator’s Guide to the Registry

The administrator of any registered project has the ability to add new users to the registry, and to add, or remove users from their project and change the roles of existing users in the registry.

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Registry Administrator Webinar

Watch the webinar about Registry Administrators here, or read the written instructions below.

Adding new users to the registry

If you go to the User section of the registry, you should see a button to add a new user. Click the button and you can fill in the form with the user’s information.

Users with or without email

You can add the user’s email. The system will send them a message with a link to click so they can verify their email address. If the user does not have an email address, you would leave the email field blank, and the registry will send you a copy of their registration code. A user who is registered with no email cannot login to the registry on their own and is dependent on your help if they ever need to generate a new user code for themselves. So it is worthwhile to fill in the user’s email address if they have one.

User organization

By default, a new user registration you start will show the organization you belong to. If this is incorrect, you can change it. Whether you leave the default organization or change it to a different organization, the user is not automatically granted membership in the specified organization. The request for membership must be approved by a membership approver in the organization.

Paratext 7 users

If the user name matches a Paratext 7 registered user, the registry will report this and ask for the Paratext 7 registration code. If you don’t know what it is, you can ask Paratext support for help. (Note: we can access stored Paratext 7 codes, but we cannot access registration codes for current Paratext users because the registry does not store them).

Adding or removing users in your project, changing project roles

You probably know how to add or remove users from your project in Paratext. (Project Settings > User Permissions). You can also do this for a shared project in the registry, if you find that more convenient or are traveling without your computer. You can find your project settings by going to the Projects tab, searching for your project if you don’t see it in the list, then clicking the Edit button. In the users tab, you can click Add user to add a new user to the project. For existing users, you can click on the wedge to the right of View Profile, and this shows two additional actions, Change User Role and Remove User from Project.

The Change User Role lets you change their basic role of either Administrator, Translator, Consultant or Observer. You cannot change the specific permissions for a user in the registry, nor can you assign them to specific tasks in the project plan. These things you have to do in Paratext.

The Remove User from Project action asks you to confirm that you want to remove the user, if you click OK to confirm, they will be removed.

Specifying users for a new project

This ability to add or remove users in the registry does not work for a newly registered project. If you create a project and register it, you must initiate sharing the project by adding users in Paratext, (Project Settings > User Permissions), then doing a first send/receive to the Internet. Once the project has been shared and is on the internet server, you can then add or remove users, or modify users roles in the registry.

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