Membership Approver’s Guide to the Registry

Membership approvers are responsible for reviewing the user registration requests that are made to their organization. They will typically have access to personnel records for the organization in order to identify the registrant and their role.

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Membership Approver Webinar

Watch the webinar about Membership Approvers here, or read the written instructions below.

Criteria for approval

User must have a translation, translation support, or publication role that is supervised by your organization.

Approval process

When the user registers and specifies your organization from the drop down list, they are added to the top of the list for your organization at like this:

You will be notified once a day by email about new membership requests.  The email will contain a link that takes you directly to this page.  You have three choices:

  • Approve – Once you have validated that they are part of your organization, and that they are in a translation role, you may click the Approve button.  This will cause an email to be sent to them or to the person who registered them with the registration code.
  • Redirect – If the person is not part of your organization and belongs to a different one, you have an option to redirect the request to the appropriate organization.  The approvers of that organization will be asked to review this request, and it will be removed from yours.
  • Reject – If the person does not qualify as having a translation role in your organization and does not belong to another organization where they do have a translation role, then you must reject the request. This does not prevent them from using Paratext, however, they will not be given access to the features on the Translator or Publisher Tiers.

Automatic approval

Upgrading with Paratext 7 license

When users upgrade from Paratext 7 with a valid license, they will automatically be approved.  In this case, the email you receive will just be a notification that the person has registered.

Email auto-approval

It is possible to set an auto-approval email domain, such as “”.  This must be done by the registry administrator for your organization. Please note that if you set an auto approval domain, you must pay close attention to the emails messages that notify you when someone has registered.  Just because they have an email address for your organization does not mean that they have a role in translation.

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