Check Spelling in the Local Language

The Wordlist tool helps translators create a custom spelling dictionary for the local language.

What is the Wordlist Tool?

The Wordlist tool is used to create a custom dictionary for all of the words in your translation text. This dictionary helps ensure spelling is consistent and accurate for the whole translation project. It can help you to more accurately and efficiently identify words which are most likely misspelled, as well as perform a variety of other word level or orthography checks.

A Variety of Uses

The Wordlist tool can be used to sort, search, filter, list, and correct words in the translation project.


Sort by:

  • Spelling Status
  • Alphabetical order
  • Number of occurrences in the text


Filter for words:

  • By verse, chapter, or book
  • That are spelled incorrectly
  • That have notes about their spelling


Search for words or partial words in specific verses, chapters, or books.


List every verse where a particular word occurs.

Correct Misspelled Words

  • Find and correct words that are misspelled or potentially misspelled.
  • Automatically mark misspelled words for correction.

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