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What’s New in Paratext 9.2

Paratext 9.2 released Nov 15, 2021

paratext 9 icon version 9 2

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What Changed Since Paratext 9.1?

Study Bible Authoring

Summary of Study Bible Improvements in Paratext 9.2

  1. Significant improvements to performance.
  2. Many bug fixes, including fixes for all known data loss issues.
  3. Study Bible project data now separated by book.
  4. Added non-editable “Preview” view.
  5. Buttons which Add/Hide/Replace content are enabled and disabled predictably.
  6. Sidebars, added paragraphs and extended notes appear in more predictable locations.
  7. Content is clearly formatted to distinguish editable study content from base text content.
  8. Improvements to formatting make it easier to see what content is currently being edited.
  9. A Study Bible Additions project may be merged with its base project to create a read-only Study Bible Publication project for print or digital publication.
  10. It is now easier to move existing Study Bible content to a new location.
  11. Improvements to Find and Replace: Search in specific types of location, such as “Study Bible text only”, “Sidebars only”, and more!
  12. Study Bible projects now inherit settings and inventories from their base text.
  13. Wordlist inherits the spelling status of words from the base text; also allows spelling status of words in the Study Bible project to be different from the base text.
  14. Copy books tool ensures valid choices when trying to copy from one project to another.
  15. Improvements to suggestions of available USFM markers according to which type of content is being edited.
  16. Improved navigation and handling of disconnected Study Bible content.
  17. Send/receive summarizes changes that all team members have made to the project.
  18. Categories for sidebars and footnotes can be defined and selected within the UI.

Footnotes and Cross References

  1. It is possible to carefully control where callers for extended notes appear in the text.
  2. More than one extended footnote/cross reference can be attached to a single word or phrase.
  3. Project settings allow an administrator to specify whether base text footnotes and cross references can be replaced.
  4. Footnotes and cross references from base text and from SBA can each be shown or hidden independently.


  1. Automatically display the sidebar pane when content is present.
  2. Sidebars now support insertion of tables.
  3. Sidebar previews in the base text have been replaced by a more discreet sidebar caller.

Important Information for Paratext Live Users

Paratext 9.2 includes improvements to Paratext Live which make it incompatible with Paratext Live in earlier versions of Paratext. If your team uses Paratext Live, please ensure that everyone on the team upgrades to Paratext 9.2 before using this feature. Note: this does not affect Send/Receive which still functions normally between all versions of Paratext.

How to Download and View the New XML Resources

  1. Go to the Paratext menu > Download / Install resources.
  2. Type ‘English’ in the Filter Text box.
  3. Select ‘LSJ’ for Liddell-Scott-Jones Greek Lexicon.
  4. Select ‘MGLAS’ for Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon.
  5. Click on the Download/Install button to install the selected resources.
  6. Go to the Paratext menu > Open and filter for Dictionaries.
  7. Select the LSJ and/or the MGLAS resources to try them out.

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