Translate Parallel Passages Consistently

The Parallel Passages tool helps with reviewing and checking parallel passages throughout a Bible translation.

Parallel Passages Tools

The Parallel Passages tool helps translators ensure they have been consistent in their translation of parallel passages. Paratext has a vast list of parallel passages to help in checking.

Filter by Parallel Passage Type

  • New Testament to New Testament
  • New Testament to Old Testament
  • Old Testament to Old Testament
  • Synoptic Gospels

Compare Greek and Hebrew Text

Exact matches are hightlighted in green, similar text is highlighted in yellow.

Compare Translation Text

Paratext intelligently compares your translation text, highlighting matching text in green.

Compare Other Translations

Paratext also highlights matching text in other translations, to help you see what is parallel.

Mark Parallel Passages as Finished

When parallel passages are translated appropriately parallel, mark them as finished.

Passage Parallel
Matthew 3:3
Mark 1:2-3
Luke 3:4
John 1:23

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