System Requirements for Paratext

Use this information to help you determine which version of Paratext you can run on your computer.

We always recommend the latest version of Paratext (currently Paratext 9.3), because it has the most up-to-date improvements and bug fixes.

Windows (64-bit)

Windows Version Paratext Version
Windows 11
Windows 10
Windows 8

1: Older operating systems are not supported for security and compatibility reasons. While Paratext may install on versions of Windows prior to Windows 10, some functionality will not be available and you will encounter problems.

Additional Requirements

Requirement Paratext Version
RAM (Memory)2
8 GB
4 GB
(or more)
2 GB
(or more)
.NET Framework3

2: Paratext may run on less RAM, but this is not recommended.
3: .NET Framework is installed/updated automatically during Paratext installation.

Windows (32-bit)

The only versions of Paratext that work on 32-bit Windows are Paratext 9.0 and Paratext 8*.

We recommend you upgrade to a newer version of Windows as soon as possible.


Please see the Linux downloads page for system requirements for Linux.

*Paratext 8 is no longer supported (as of Dec 31, 2021).
Please see our important announcement for Paratext 8 users.

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