Download Paratext Plugins

What is a Paratext Plugin?

Paratext plugins are small software programs that add functionality to Paratext. They are installed separately from Paratext, but work together with it to enhance the user’s experience and expand what Paratext can do.

Available Paratext Plugins

Paratext Plugin Manager

The Paratext Plugin Manager (PPM) allows users to find and install plugins for Paratext.


transcelerator icon

Transcelerator helps prepare testing questions for comprehension checking by using a semi-automated process to translate them into the local language.

Translation Validation Plugin

The Translation Validation Plugin (TVP) lets you access a library of additional checks within Paratext, or you can create and share your own.

Typesetting Preview Tool

The Typesetting Preview Tool (TPT) lets you create high-quality PDFs and InDesign files without an InDesign license! This lets you preview how a layout will look when it is printed.

More Plugins Coming Soon!

Check back here for more details.

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