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Paratext 9.4 – Auto-update scheduled for Jan 29

Paratext 9.4 is available now, with updates and improvements to many different features:

    • Projects and resources update notification
    • Improved Right-to-Left interface
    • Improved quotations checking
    • Export/Import Biblical Terms lists
  • Improved Study Bible authoring*
  • Improved Paratext-FLEx integration
  • And more…

Auto-updates are scheduled to start next week (January 29).

Paratext 9.3 users with auto-updates turned on should start to receive update notices next week. While we encourage teams to use the latest version of Paratext, if you need to stay on an older version, please turn OFF automatic updates in the Paratext menu. See the older versions page for more info.

*The Study Bible Additions (SBA) features implemented in 9.4 requires that the SBA project be migrated, due to a data format change. The new 9.4 SBA data format is NOT compatible with the PT 9.3 version. In order to use the new SBA features, all project members should move to PT 9.4 and the project administrator should migrate the SBA project.

Download Paratext 9.4

New Training Videos

Our training video collection continues to grow and develop. Check out these new/updated videos, with insights and tips for how to do various tasks in Paratext.

Quick Reference Window:

Getting Started for Administrators – Video Series

Our Getting Started for Administrators series has been expanded with new videos as well.

Create/Add Books:

Import Formatted Books:

Import Unformatted Books:

Administrator Videos

We have also started localizing our training videos into Hindi and Arabic. Please be in prayer for these efforts, as the enemy does NOT want this work to happen and has been actively fighting against it.

Paratext Product Owners

As Paratext grows and expands, the Paratext team is growing and expanding with it!

Vladimir Vdovikov (United Bible Societies) is now the product owner for Paratext 9, responsible for updates, bug fixes, and new versions.

After many years as the Paratext 9 owner, Glenn Pruitt has stepped into a new role as the product owner for Platform.Bible and Paratext.Bible (the next generation of Paratext, currently in development).

Thank you to both Vladimir and Glenn for their service and leadership in these essential roles.

Paratext in New Languages!

The hard work of these language teams has paid off! You can now use Paratext in these additional languages. Please let your colleagues who use these languages know.

  • Khmer, Telugu, and Vietnamese are now available in Paratext.
  • Vietnamese is available in the latest version of Paratext Lite!

Full Language List

May God bless you in your translation work. May Christ be lifted high and brought to every tribe, tongue, people, and nation!

Until next time 👋

James (for the Paratext team)

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