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Paratext & PTXprint Training

Join us for the Paratext and PTXprint workshops! Registration is now open for both. Note: there is a separate registration form for each workshop.

Paratext Workshop (Oct 9 – 11: Before BT Conference)

This workshop expects participants to be capable users of Paratext, and will NOT offer instruction for beginners. The Paratext workshop is before the 2023 Bible Translation Conference.

We will focus on the following:

  • Good workspace setup for translation
  • Enhanced Resources for exegesis
  • Project Plan for thoroughness and automatic checking
  • Configuration of checks
  • Biblical Terms for accuracy and consistency
  • Parallel Passage Tool
  • Spell checking
  • Project notes for good team communication

Paratext Workshop Registration

PTXprint Workshop (Oct 18 – 20: After BT Conference)

This workshop is designed for translators, consultants, and other professionals who use Paratext and are interested in learning about publication methods. The PTXprint workshop is right after the BT Conference.

This training will help participants:

  • Configure printouts of Scripture for testing and other limited distribution.
  • Configure columns, section headings and footnotes.
  • Learn what is possible for high quality print publications of Scripture

PTXprint Workshop Registration

New Getting Started Training Videos

Our training department continues to create helpful and insightful videos. These new videos will help administrators and Paratext users with tasks to get started in Paratext.

Overview of the user registration process (for project Administrators):

Step-by-step installation guide for Paratext:

Offline installation guide:

View other “Getting Started” videos (for new users):

Getting Started for New Users

New User Videos

Administrator Videos

In addition to videos dealing with new users, we also have other videos about topics relevant to administrators. You can view those administrator videos here.

Administrator Videos

Support.Bible Replaces Paratext Supporters Site


Support.Bible is a Bible translation community support forum for a variety of Bible translation tools such as Paratext, Paratext Lite, Publishing Assistant, FlexTrans, and Scripture Forge. In the future other software may also be added.

Support.Bible is a place to ask questions and get support for Bible translation software tools from users and supporters alike.

Support.Bible is ALSO the NEW location to share your Paratext support questions, and many of the posts and comments from the Paratext Supporter site ( have been moved to Support.Bible.

It is possible to migrate your account from and retain access to your posts, comments, and badges — or to start afresh with a brand new account.

To learn more about this process, check out this video.

Visit Support.BibleMigrate Account Video

Paratext for Retired Members! 🎉

We have encouraging news for retired users of Paratext!

We want to honor your many years of commitment and sacrifice in helping make God’s Word accessible to people around the world! To do this, there is a new Paratext organization called the Platinum Group. When a member in good standing with a Bible translation organization retires, the organization’s administrator can move them to the Platinum Group with a few words of explanation. This way, you will maintain access to all of the resources you had before and can continue working or consulting in Paratext. See Paratext for Retired Members for more info.

Retired Members Group

Until next time 👋

James (for the Paratext team)

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