Paratext Newsletter 📰 April 2023

The Paratext Newsletter: Sharing helpful info, updates, and announcements about Paratext

Paratext 9.3 News 📰

Important Updates for 9.3

  • Paratext Plugin Manager now works in (or higher).
  • Enhanced Resources crash: If your Paratext 9.3 crashed when opening an Enhanced Resource, updating to (or higher) will fix this issue.

Download Paratext 9.3Enable Auto-updates

New Training Videos 📽

Our team is constantly creating new training videos! Check out these recently released videos (updated for Paratext 9.3).


Interlinearizer Videos

Paratext Live

Teamwork Videos

New Training Videos in Other Languages

Remember that the Paratext team also releases the training videos in a number of different languages! There have been many new videos released in the last year or so. 🎉

All Training Videos

New Languages in Paratext!

The localization teams are still hard at work making Paratext available in new languages. Check out their latest work, and let your co-workers know about these helpful updates.

  • Gujarati and Odia are now available in Paratext.
  • Bengali, Odia, Tagalog, and Thai are available in the latest version of Paratext Lite.

To change the language you use Paratext in:

  1. Go to the Paratext menu > Paratext settings.
  2. Click on the Interface Language drop-down (#1 below):
    change interface language
  3. Choose the language you want to use (#2 above).
  4. Click OK.

Full Language List

Key Terms of the Old Testament (KTOT) Update

Key Terms of the Old Testament (KTOT) is a tool for the Bible translation and consultant community. It provides current research on some of the most important key terms of the Old Testament. It was recently updated to add 10 new articles and now has 83 articles total.

Download KTOT

New Paratext Training 👨‍🎓

The SIL International Training Hub has released online training courses for Paratext 9, combining how-to videos with practice exercises and comprehension checks.

Paratext training SIL hub

  • Part 1: The 38 short modules in this course will help you better use Paratext 9, particularly when you are in the midst of the translation process.
    • Registration fee: $100 ($20 for SIL staff and $40 for partner organizations like The Seed Company, Wycliffe Global Alliance, etc)
  • Part 2: The 51 short modules in this course will help you better use Paratext 9, particularly when you are preparing for translation checks and publication.
    • Registration fee: $125 ($25 for SIL staff and $50 for partner organizations)

SIL Training Hub

Paratext is Hiring! 👥

We are currently seeking salaried and volunteer software developers! Please share these positions with your developer friends or anybody you think might be interested.

See Job Postings

Until next time 👋

James (for the Paratext team)

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