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Paratext 9.3 News

Good news! Paratext 9.3 is more compatible with previous versions than 9.2! Download the update today!

  • Beta users: Please first uninstall Paratext 9.3 beta, then install the Paratext 9.3 release.
  • Pre-release users of 9.2 should be receiving an auto-update to 9.3 (please check your release stage settings after the update to 9.3).
  • Other users: All users can receive the auto-update to 9.3 next month (January, 2023).

Download Paratext 9.3

Extensive Training Materials for Paratext!

There are some comprehensive training materials available for Paratext, in both English and French.

Paratext Training Manual

The Paratext Training Manual has been revised for version 9.3. The website currently has manuals for versions 9.2 and 9.3 in English and French. It follows the six stages of the translation process covering most of the tasks in the SIL compact plan. You can download a PDF file of your desired manual for printing.

Modules from the manuals can be selected for use in training courses, and they can also be used as self-study.

Training ManualManuel de formation

Paratext Video Summaries

Over 90 training videos have been produced to help you learn Paratext. The video summaries provide step-by-step instructions for the tasks learned in each video, so you can use them in your language project.

All video summaries for Paratext 9.2 are available in English and French. Updated video summaries and translations will be added for Paratext 9.3 as videos are produced.

Video SummariesVidéos de formation

New Video: How to Open the Interlinearizer Window

Starting in Paratext 9.2, Paratext helps you open the Interlinearizer window correctly, and remembers previously opened Interlinearizer settings. See the following video for helpful tips in how to open the Interlinearizer window:

Use Paratext in New Languages!

You can now use Paratext in about 30 different languages! These new interface languages are now available:

  • Akan-Twi, Arabic, Malayalam, and Tamil are now available in Paratext 9.2 and 9.3.
  • Akan-Twi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, and Turkish are all available in the latest version of Paratext Lite!

See the full list on the Use Paratext in Different Languages page.

Full Language List

Localization for Paratext 9.3

The localization team is working to update words/phrases in the user interface that were added/changed in Paratext 9.3. Updates will be shipped with future patches of 9.3.

Additional Training Opportunities

Updates to PTXprint

PTXprint is always being updated with new features and bug fixes! Check out the new What’s New in PTXprint video.

What’s New in PTXprint

Until next time 👋

James (for the Paratext team)

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