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New Paratext Plugins Available

Paratext 9.2 gave the ability for other organizations to release plugins for Paratext! This opens us a whole realm of opportunity for the Bible translation community.

Biblica is the first organization to take advantage of this ability and has recently released 3 new plugins:

  • The Paratext Plugin Manager allows users to find and install plugins for Paratext.
  • The Translation Validation Plugin lets you access a library of additional checks within Paratext, or you can create and share your own.
  • The Typesetting Preview Tool lets you create high-quality PDFs and InDesign files without an InDesign license. This lets you preview how a layout will look when it is printed.
  • Transcelerator 3 was also released recently. Transcelerator helps prepare testing questions for comprehension checking by using a semi-automated process to translate them into the local language.

For more infomation about these plugins, see the Paratext Plugins page.

Paratext Plugins

New Paratext 9.3 Beta Demo Video

Have you tried Paratext 9.3 Beta yet? Read about the new features, and see a demo video on the What’s New in Paratext 9.3 Beta page.

What’s New in 9.3 Beta?

A Growing List of Translation Resources

Have you checked out the vast amount of translation resources available in Paratext lately? The list has grown significantly over the years… there’s over 1700 resources currently available to vetted translators!

  • The latest new English version is the 2020 New American Standard Bible (NASB).

You can download this and many other resources from the Paratext menu > Download/Install resources option. If you need help with doing this, check out our tutorial video.

What resources are available in languages you use? Go ahead, take a look.

Download/Install Resources Video

Upcoming Training Opportunities

Publishing Assistant Training Workshop

SIL Global Publishing Services (GPS) is offering a workshop for basic training in Scripture typesetting using Publishing Assistant, running from Sept 6 to Oct 14, 2022.

In order to accommodate time zone differences with students in various parts of the world, this online-only workshop is 6 weeks long, with 4.5 hours of instruction time each day delivered via Zoom.

For more information and to register, please visit the Publishing Assistant website.

Publishing Assistant Workshop

PTXprint Training and Consultation

Nov 21 – Dec 1, 2022 at Karimu International Conference Center, Germany.

Designed to be an advanced course for experienced typesetters who serve multiple projects, or for those who work with complex scripts or cluster projects. Save the date and read the full announcement to apply.

Last month’s EMDC Online session is also available: PTXprint: Above and Beyond the Basics.

Also note that there are updated PTXprint videos here.

PTXprint Training & Consultation

Until next time,

James (for the Paratext team)

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