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Paratext for Beginners Workshop – Register Now!

Registration is now open for the Paratext for Beginners workshop. It will be held in just a few weeks, from June 6 – 10 (Eastern Hemisphere) / June 5 – 9 (Western Hemisphere).

More info, along with specific time zones, can be found on the Paratext for Beginners workshop page.

Register Now

Video Series Spotlight: Biblical Terms

Are you consistent with your use of key Biblical terms? The Paratext Biblical Terms feature can help you track renderings (translations) of Biblical terms, and ensure you team uses them consistently throughout the translation.

The Biblical Terms training videos have been redone for Paratext 9 and are available now.

We also recently added several videos for Administrators on how to create a “Project Biblical Terms list”. This allows you to create a custom Biblical terms list, with terms chosen specifically for your translation project.

Biblical Terms Videos

Use Paratext in Even More Languages!

The Paratext localization team continues to translate Paratext into new languages.

  • Azerbaijani, Igbo, Lingala, Oromo, Swahili, and Tok Pisin have been added to Paratext!
  • Nepali and Tok Pisin have been added to Paratext Lite.

Please let co-workers in these languages know about these important updates.

Full Language List

Additional Training Opportunities

PTXprint Training and Consultation

Nov 21 – Dec 1, 2022 at Karimu International Conference Center, Germany.

Designed to be an advanced course for experienced typesetters who serve multiple projects, or for those who work with complex scripts or cluster projects. Save the date and read the full announcement to apply.

Last month’s EMDC Online session is also available: PTXprint: Above and Beyond the Basics.

Also note that there are updated PTXprint videos here.

PTXprint Training & Consultation

Publishing Assistant Training Workshop

SIL Global Publishing Services (GPS) is offering a workshop for basic training in Scripture typesetting using Publishing Assistant, running from Sept 6 to Oct 14, 2022.

In order to accommodate time zone differences with students in various parts of the world, this online-only workshop is 6 weeks long, with 4.5 hours of instruction time each day delivered via Zoom.

For more information and to register, please visit the Publishing Assistant website.

Publishing Assistant Workshop

The Weekly Paratext Hour Webinar

Join a community of Paratext users, with all levels of experience, for the Weekly Paratext Hour webinar. Here are some recent/upcoming sessions.

Recent Sessions (recordings available):

Upcoming Sessions:

  • Cool things I didn’t know existed in Paratext – May 30

See all past and upcoming sessions on The Paratext Hour page.

The Paratext Hour


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