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New Video Series: Spell Checking

Do you just use the red squiggly lines (like in Microsoft Word) to correct spelling in your translation?

red squiggly lines 2 1

There’s a better way, and it can help you make a LOT of progress in a much shorter amount of time!

In this new video series, we take you through a step-by-step method that should help you with your spell checking process.

  • Step 1: Approve Common Words: Easily find and approve common words.
  • Step 2: Spell Check Current Book: Start with spell checking just one book.
  • Step 3: Check for Common Typos: Paratext will highlight common typos and give suggestions to fix them
  • Step 4: Approve Multiple Words: Use the Wordlist to approve the spelling of multiple words at a time.
  • Step 5: Display Spelling Errors: Efficiently use the red and gray squiggly lines.

Spell Checking Videos

New Enhanced Resources!

4 new languages (in bold below) now have Enhanced Resources (ERs). In total, Enhanced Resources are now available in 12 different languages!

  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • English
  • French (new ER added)
  • Ancient Greek
  • Ancient Hebrew
  • Indonesian
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Swahili
  • Tok Pisin

To download Enhanced Resources:

  1. Go to the Paratext menu > Download/Install resources.
  2. Type Enhanced in the filter box:
    enhanced resources filter
  3. If you want to see resources in languages that you have NOT already downloaded Paratext:
    1. Uncheck the “Show resources only in languages…” checkbox:
      uncheck show resources only in languages
  4. Check the checkbox(es) for the resource(s) that you want to download.
  5. Click Download/Install.

You can also check out our written tutorial or video training on Enhanced Resources to learn more.

Enhanced Resources

How to Create and Register a New Project

Do you need help creating and registering a new project in Paratext? Check out our step-by-step tutorial and training webinars on this topic.

Create/Register a Project

Use Paratext in More Languages!

The Paratext team remains hard at work translating Paratext into new languages.

Please let co-workers in these languages know about these important updates.

Full Language List

Training Opportunities

Publishing Assistant Training Workshop

SIL Global Publishing Services (GPS) is offering a workshop for basic training in Scripture typesetting using Publishing Assistant, running from Sept 6 to Oct 14, 2022.

In order to accommodate time zone differences with students in various parts of the world, this online-only workshop is 6 weeks long, with 4.5 hours of instruction time each day delivered via Zoom.

For more information and to register, please visit the Publishing Assistant website.

Publishing Assistant Workshop

The Weekly Paratext Hour Webinar

Join a community of Paratext users, with all levels of experience, for the Weekly Paratext Hour webinar. Here are some recent/upcoming sessions.

Recent Sessions (recordings available):

Upcoming Sessions:

  • How Do I Use Checklists? – Apr 11
  • How to Search for Greek and Hebrew Terms – April 25
  • Understanding the New Interlinearizer Interface – May 9
  • Working with the Parallel Passages – May 23
  • Cool things I didn’t know existed in Paratext – May 30

See all past and upcoming sessions on The Paratext Hour page.

The Paratext Hour

Paratext for Beginners Workshop

The Paratext for Beginners workshop will be held from June 6 – 10 (Eastern Hemisphere) / June 5 – 9 (Western Hemisphere).

More info, along with specific timezones, can be found on the Paratext for Beginners workshop page (registration coming soon).

Paratext for Beginners Workshop


Until next time,

James (for the Paratext team)

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