Project Health Reports Give a Quick Look at Project Status

What is the status of this Paratext Project? This is a question that team administrators, translation coordinators, and consultants often want to know.  It is important for managing the team and for planning translation checking sessions.  The Assignments & Progress window can be used for this purpose, but there is another lesser-known feature called the Project Health Report.

The Project Health Report gives a compact and quick overview of a project to suit the needs of administrators and translation consultants that can be printed or saved as a PDF.  Additionally, the health report can combine the status of several projects into one document.

Here is an example Project Health Report for the EZPEZ project:

EZPEZ Health Report 2

This Project Health Report shows many statistics at a glance

The statistics given for the project are based on the books in the project scope.  At top, it shows Progress with the percentage of each stage that is completed for the total number of verses in the scope. Below that, it shows statistics like the Rate of Progress, the number of Project Notes, and what percentage are resolved.  You can keep an eye on the status of Spelling in the project, which in the example above needs attention: only 10% of the words have been marked as correct. You can see how and if Biblical term renderings are being tracked and if Discussion Notes are being used to resolve issues. Lastly, notice the Print icon on the top left of the report. With this you can print out a hard copy or create a PDF file that can be sent electronically to others.

If you are involved with more than one project, the Project Health Report can combine multiple projects into one report for comparison.  Below is an example of a Project Health Report for two projects.

two column project health report

The Project Health Report feature is found under the main project window.  If you want to make a report for several projects, you can make the report from any window for any of the included projects.


Project Health report menu 1red 600

If you would like to know more about how to use Project Health Reports, simply search for “health report” in Paratext title bar.

Health topic 1red


Next time you need to know the status of a project, try generating a project health report.  It may be just enough information for a report to your supervisor or funding agency.

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