Paratext 9.1 is Now Available!

We are pleased to announce that Paratext 9.1 is now available as a full release. Many teams will be required to use project plans soon, so Paratext 9.1 has significantly improved the tools used to manage tasks and assignments for working with a project plan.  Paratext 9.1 is the latest release on the Paratext 9.x branch and will replace Paratext 9.0 on your system.

New “Current priority” shows tasks from passages that are the current translation priority.

Training Videos

We have produced a set of videos that will let you see these features in action – or show you how to use these new features if you are ready to try them:

Paratext 9.1 Training Videos

What changed since Paratext 9.0?

Here are the main changes:

  • Translation Priorities is a new feature that allows teams to define the portions of Scripture they want to finish first.  For instance, a team might want to finish Matthew first, then the rest of the Gospels, then the Letters of Paul.
  • My Tasks now makes it easier for each member of a translation team to see their current translation priorities across all books.  It shows what to do next, drawing from the progress plan and associated translation priorities. 
  • Rich Text in Progress Plans allows progress plans to contain detailed instructions, with hypertext links to external sources if needed. Progress plan creators can leverage this to provide extensive guidance to translation team members.
  • Assignments & Progress has added features to help project administrators work more efficiently – bulk assignments, showing why tasks are blocked, and integrated support for translation priorities. It has also improved support for postponing tasks and checks.
  • Progress Plan Administration has added progress plan versioning so that an organization’s progress plans can be improved over time without disrupting translation efforts. It makes it easier to update to the latest version of your organization’s plan. It also allows you to postpone an update if you need to stay on an older version.
  • Performance improvements (including 64-bit architecture)

We believe that Paratext 9.1 will help translation teams work toward their  translation goals, focusing on what they need to do today. It will also simplify project administration, making it easier to produce a plan and to adapt when progress plans change. 

Automatic Update

The user experience of Paratext 9.1 is almost identical to Paratext 9.0, except for the changes noted above. Paratext 9.1 is stable and is ready for everyday use on real projects.  The only reason not to update is if you have a 32-bit operating system (how can I tell?), as 9.1 only works on 64-bit Windows.

If you are using Paratext 9, this update will be automatically downloaded by Paratext as a standard update sometime in the next month or so.  If you want it sooner, you may manually download the update from the download page. Double click the downloaded file to launch the installer. The installer will then guide you through a short installation procedure.

Paratext 9.1 will replace Paratext 9.0 on your system.   If you have Paratext 8 installed on your system, Paratext 9.1 will install alongside your Paratext 8 so that you can use either program – just don’t run both at the same time.

If other members of your team have 32 bit operating systems and cannot upgrade, no problem – Paratext 9.1 is compatible with projects in Paratext 9.0. If other members of your project are still using Paratext 8.0, no problem – translation team members can do Send/Receive on the same project with Paratext 8.0, Paratext 9.0, or Paratext 9.1.

We are grateful to translation teams who work hard to make the Word of God available to people throughout the world. We hope that Paratext 9.1 will bless your work.

Your partners in this ministry,

The Paratext development team


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