Using Multiple Text Collections in Paratext 9

In Paratext 9, you can have multiple text collections open at the same time.  Several users have contacted us to say that this is very useful, and they think we should tell people about this feature.

For instance, a translator working in India might want to use one text collection for English translations and a second text collection for translations in Indian languages.  These two text collections can be used at the same time:

Because text collections can be large, it is often helpful to put them in autohide, especially if you have more than one text collection.  To do this, right-click on the blue title bar and select “move to autohide”.

move window to autohide

Now you can select a text collection from the right-hand autohide bar when you need it.  If you do not need it, it is not in your way.  In the following screen, the autohide bar is on the right, and each of the two icons in the autohide bar represents one text collection that has been moved to autohide:

autohide text collections

When you need to use a text collection, select it from the right-hand autohide bar and it slides out so you can see it:

autohide slides out


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