Paratext 9 is now released!

We are pleased to announce that the Paratext 9 final release is now available on the Paratext download page. Paratext 9 will help translators work more efficiently through improved menus and window layouts, and by providing easier access to reference materials through Enhanced Resources. The Paratext 9 beta has been available since mid-June, and has been used in active translation projects and translator’s workshops, where it has been well-received.

Why switch to Paratext 9?

Paratext 9 is the current released version, which will be continuously improved. Some people upgrade simply because they like to use the latest and greatest software, others prefer to wait. You should try Paratext 9 now if you:

  • want to try the new, improved, user interface.
  • want to organize your work environment flexibly, making it easier to put the
    tools you need wherever you want them to be.
  • want to try Enhanced Resources, which turn gateway language translations into source texts with direct links to the source language text, source language dictionaries, encyclopedia-length articles, and images.
  • want to be able to find resources more easily using filters and search criteria.
  • want to use Paratext on more than one screen.
  • want to use a powerful and flexible new Parallel Passages tool.

How hard is it to learn Paratext 9?

The user experience of Paratext 9 is quite different from Paratext 8, with a new approach to menus and window layout. Most users who have learned Paratext 9 find it more logical than Paratext 8. Most of the tools in Paratext 9 are unchanged, so the core experience should remain familiar. Based on our usability testing, field testing, workshops, and user feedback, we expect experienced users to be able to learn the differences in an hour or two, whereas users who usually require support will be able to learn the differences in less than a day of active use. Please take the time to review the following guide to help you get started:

Introducing Paratext 9

Can I keep using Paratext 8?

As long as Paratext 8 is still supported, you do not have to switch to Paratext 9. We know that some teams are slow to adopt new versions, so we will continue to support Paratext 8 for a long period after Paratext 9 is fully released, giving people time to adapt and learn the new version.

You can also continue to use Paratext 8 while you try out Paratext 9. Just don’t open them both at the same time. If you already have Paratext 8 on your computer, the installer does not remove it.

If other members of your project are using Paratext 8, you can do Send/Receive with Paratext 9 on the same project.

Thanks to our translators!

We hope that Paratext 9 will be a blessing to translators worldwide. Many of you have helped us design and test Paratext 9, trying out early versions on your translation projects to help us create a tool that will work in the real world. We believe in the work you are doing, and everything we do is motivated by our desire to support you in that work. Paratext 9 is our gift to you for the work you are doing.

The Paratext development team

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