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The Paratext website is an obvious place to list training events for people to learn Paratext or improve their skills.  To facilitate this, we have launched an events section on the website where Paratext training events will be listed, starting with a Paratext Training Course in Dallas, Texas, December 3-10.  Since there are so many organizations using Paratext, we can’t know about all of the training events going on around the world. So we are including a link on our events page for training event submissions. If your organization is hosting a training event and is able to make it open to others, we would encourage you to list it here.

If you have a larger group that needs training, please write to and we will see if there is a trainer who is available to travel to your area.  Our goal is for every Paratext user to be working effectively with the software.

Whether you can attend a training event or not, you can always take advantage of our online training videos.

We will continue to keep these videos up-to-date with future versions of Paratext, and are currently making localized versions in Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, and Indonesian.

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