Marking Progress for Migrated Projects

One of the powerful new features in Paratext 8 is the ability to track your progress and to automate checks through the Assignments and Progress window. Progress tracking requires that a project has been assigned a project plan.  If you are the project administrator, you can learn how to do this from our Project Plan video tutorials. If a project plan is in place, this blue icon will appear in the upper right-hand corner of the project window.

Clicking the blue icon will open the Assignments and Progress window for the current book, and depending on whether you are a translator or an administrator, you will see either My Tasks or All Tasks. Tasks are marked complete here one at a time.  Below is an example for the book of Genesis.

This process is fine for new work, but what if you have several books completed when the project was migrated to Paratext 8?  It can be time consuming to individually mark all the tasks for all the books that you have already completed.  Fortunately, there is a much faster way!

Stages Table

There is a table that allows you to mark stages as complete per book. You can select the stages table view by clicking on the drop down arrow to the right of All/My Tasks and selecting Stages Table.    Below is an example of the stages table for an older project. (The project is using the 6-stage SIL project plan.)

In this view, the project administrator can mark whole stages and all the tasks they contain as complete–much faster than marking tasks one at a time!  As stages are checked off, Paratext runs all the checks for the next stage. It is common for Paratext to find issues as it runs the checks on older projects, because Paratext has more rigorous checks than previous versions. In the above example you can see that Matthew, Mark, Luke and John all have issues in the third stage that need to be corrected.  Starting that process is as easy as clicking on the blue links in the In Progress column and resolving the issues found by each check.

If the project plan that was applied to your migrated project does not accurately reflect the completed work, you or your project administrator can quickly bring it up to date with the Stages Table.

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