Multiple Paratext Resource Updates

Paratext 8 is slowly but surely getting new resources added.  Not as fast as everyone would like, of course, but negotiating new licenses for the texts we have used in the past has proven challenging. Not only that, but in a number of cases, the texts we want to use are not yet uploaded to the Digital Bible Library.  Yet progress is being made because almost every time you open Paratext 8 and go to the Download/Install Resources dialog box, you will see certain items marked as new   or updated .  Paratext checks to see which resources have been added since you last looked, and it also checks for newer versions of the resources that you have installed.

Resources have now been updated with extra-Biblical content.

In the past couple days there was a flood of updated resources, and you might be wondering what has changed.  It seems that the resources that were available were limited to the canonical books of the Bible and didn’t include any glossaries or extra-Biblical material that may have been included with the resource.  A change had to be made to the repository to fix this, and now all of these updates are coming across, with new content.

It isn’t always a significant update.  For example, for those who have access to the NIV 84 edition, the update is a table of weights and measures found in the extra book “BAK”.  But the update to the World English Bible (accessible to all) includes a glossary with 94 different entries found in the extra book “GLO”. It is very helpful to have model glossaries to look at when preparing your own.  We haven’t looked at all the new goodies that have become available in this recent change to the resource repository.  Please explore on your own and see what new content you can find!

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