New registration options for Paratext 8

Registering for Paratext 8 was simple enough, you simply went to and authenticated with your email address, selecting your organization, and filling out four other blanks–only one of which is mandatory. Simple enough, that is, if you had a connection to the Internet and a G Suite (Google-based) email address. If you didn’t, you were out of luck–although we knew this limitation was only temporary.

Well, now the capability has been added to the registry site for two new registration options, neither of which require a Google account.

A project administrator can manually register users on the registry site.

This option allows project administrators to register their team members. When you log into and go to the Users tab, you should see a button that says “Register New User”


Please be aware, this button will only work if you are an administrator on one or more projects in the registry.  To become an administrator, you have to register a new project or migrate an existing project. If the project is already registered, you would have to be given administrator permissions by the administrator of that project.

When you click the button to register a new user, you are able to add the user’s name, organization, country, field unit, supervisor, and reason for using Paratext. This will create a code and send it to your email address.

This type of registration code comes with some restrictions.  The newly registered user will be able to participate in projects and use resources, but cannot become administrator on a project or register projects of their own until they sign up for themselves on the registry site.

Later, when a user who has been registered by a third party wants to fully register, they can do so by creating a new registration with either a Google account or just an email address.  The registry gives them the option of connecting their new registration to their existing identity by asking them to provide their original name and code.  After that, they will have normal privileges for their organization.

A user can register with any valid email address

Now when you go to register for Paratext, you begin by entering your email address.  If your email is known to the system as a Google account, a Google authentication window will pop up. If not, you will be given the option not to use a Google account as in the image below.


If you choose not to use Google, you will create a password for your new account and must wait for a verification email to be sent. Once you open the email link, your account will be verified, and you will have a temporary code.  This code will enable Paratext to work on the Basic Tier until you are approved in your role in an organization.

We are excited that there are no more barriers to user registration in Paratext.  This is very important in keeping Paratext available for all!

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