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Bible translators need access to
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Paratext promotes an ethos of sharing within the Bible translation community, inviting publishers to give their translations back to other translators.

This collection of resources continues to grow, containing model texts in over 1,180 languages.​

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From studying and drafting, through checking and revising, and on to publication, Paratext supports translating God's Word into the heart languages of people everywhere.






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Paratext Newsletter 📰 January 2022

Sharing helpful info, updates, and announcements about Paratext.

This edition includes info about the upcoming Paratext 9.2 auto-update, how to open the Interlinear tool in Paratext 9.2, and The Paratext Hour webinar schedule for early 2022! We plan to publish these about once per month.

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Passing the Baton: Paratext 8 to Paratext 9

Paratext 8 was released in April of 2017, almost 5 years ago.  It was a radical change.  Every project needed to be migrated in a joint effort of all the team members. It took a long time for people to complete the migration to Paratext 8, and no doubt these

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