Keeping all the Sheep

When I wrote a couple days ago we still had not figured out exactly what went wrong. I think we know more about this now. It is a matter of keeping all your sheep

Keeping all the Sheep the Old Way

Traditionally when a project had multiple computers we would  assign editing a given book to just one computer at a time, e.g.: Joe will edit GEN on his computer but we will tell Bob not to make any GEN changes on Bob’s computer for now. After a while we use File/Backup on Joe’s computer, do a File/Restore on Bob’s computer. Now Bob can edit GEN and we have to tell Joe not to make any more changes for now.

The old way works pretty well as long as Bob remembers to hold off and not make any changes on his machine until he gets the backup from Joe. If Bob forgets, all Bob’s changes will be lost (without any notification that they have been lost!) as soon as Bob restores the backup file from Joe.

Lost Sheep

I have a lot of ground to cover here but I think it will be valuable to most Paratext 7 users to read this carefully. Let me start with something I saw a long time ago (altho I don't recall the markup exactly):

\q1 Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep
\q2 And doesn't know where to find them.

If you have been involved with Bible Translation for more than a few weeks you have probably at one time or another experienced some of your text going lost just like Ms. Peep's sheep. Text may go missing due to hardware failure, insufficiently omniscient programmer error, or even "I can't believe I just did that" error. What to do?

Paratext 7 New User Tips & Fixes #2


If Paratext 6.1 crashes on startup after Paratext 7 is installed

  • Go to
  • Enter your Paratext website user Id and password.
  • Click on Downloads > Paratext button at top of screen.
  • Click on Service Pack 1f Update and download the file. Unzip the file on your system and then double click on the PT6.1.106-Update.PUD file to install it.

Paratext 7 New User Tips & Fixes #1


Here are few important items to know when making the transition to Paratext 7:

  • If Paratext 7 is very slow when you edit in a window or go to a new book: Check the menu item View > By Chapter. If this is not checked all editing or going to a new book will be quite slow since we have to update the display of the entire book instead of just a single chapter. Click the menu item to switch to viewing/editing a single chapter at a time.

Paratext 7 Release Announcement

Dear Paratext Users,

This is a general announcement to inform you that Paratext 7 has been released, and will be available for download from an updated Paratext website at We can see by the number of registration requests we have already received that many people have already taken notice of the new site, and the release announcement posted there.

Access to Paratext 7 will require re-registration.The registration process involves two steps ... (please read)

About Paratext

Paratext Overview

Paratext is a tool designed to help translators, exegetical advisors, translation consultants, project support staff produce quality translations from the po

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