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File 1061

Two Warnings About Send/Receive


  1. When anyone on a project deletes a book Paratext 7 remembers that change. When you do a Send/Receive that change is sent to everyone else on the project and the book is deleted from their copy of the project also. I am planning to add a warning to this effect to the Project/Delete Books command. There will still be many copies of the book in the project history and the latest one can be recovered by following the instructions in the first "sheep" message.
  2. If you give your Paratext user Id to someone else (perhaps for a short time while they are waiting for their own Id) any changes they make to books or books they delete will be sent to your copy of the project on the Internet server. When you next do a Send/Receive all those changes will appear on your system and it will look as if you made them yourself. This can be dangerous and very confusing.