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A Request for Help With Terminology


In Paratext 7 there is a something that currently does not have an official name. This thing is a kind of big "pot" which behaves as follows:

  • Each pot always belongs to a specific owner (i.e. a specific User Id).
  • A pot will eventually contain hundreds of project copies. These copies are stored in a way that does not use up much disk space.
  • A project copy is a complete copy of all the data for a project. It records the name of the user who made the copy and the date and time that this copy was made. A pot can contain project copies from many different users made at many different times.
  • There will always be one of these "pots" stored in the project directory for each project on your machine. Paratext will place new project copies in this local at least once a day or whenever a major operation is about to take place.
  • A Send operation makes duplicates of project copies from the pot in your project directory and sends them into another pot belonging to you on the Internet server or a USB drive. This allows you to backup your data and share it with someone else.
  • A Receive operation makes duplicates of the project copies in someone else's pot and receives them into your pot. You can never send anything to anyone else's pot — this is a safety feature to limit the ways someone else can corrupt your data.
  • There are commands to compare your current data to one of the project copies in the pot or to reset the text of one or more of your current books to be the same as the text of a previous project copy.

What should this "pot" be called in the documentation?

Paratext actually uses an underlying program called Mercurial to manage all these pots. Mercurial calls these pots "Repositories" (English definition: a facility where things can be deposited for storage or safekeeping). I like this word in some ways. The English definition does seem to pretty close to the actual use of this pot. Using the same word that the underlying software uses could make it easier for support people who might need to use Paratext and the underlying software. On the other hand I suspect the word is rare enough that many speakers for whom English is not their mother tongue may not know it.

I suppose we could call it a Project History or Project Archive. These are more common words. I am not sure they are as clear a name for the kind of pot this really is.

So, I am asking the Paratext 7 users: What do you think this "pot" should be called in the documentation? Please don't restrict yourself to just the names above, I am open to other suggestions.