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The Dangers of Being Polite

Paratext 7 attempts to be polite. Polite programs, like polite people, remember your preferences and don't keep asking you over and over again how you would like something done. How is this dangerous?

Imagine that I had strong feelings about coffee and was easily shocked. Supposed I asked you how you would like your coffee and you said "Frozen solid.". Immediately I go into shock, faint, and fall on the floor. The next time you walk up to me and say "I would like some coffee." and I fall on the floor again. How did this happen? As a polite person I remember your preference for frozen coffee. As soon as you ask for coffee I assume you want it the same way and the shock of it all causes me to faint yet again.

Paratext 7 can occasionally have the same sort of problem. You are using some function,Paratext asks for your preference on how to do it and it turns out to be something that none of the programmers ever thought anyone would ask for or maybe there is some problem when you setup this window just like so and another window just like some other way. If the setup is odd enough Paratext may not be able to meet your request and may give an error. Once
everything is setup like this every time you reopen Paratext or go to the same function you might get the same error again as it "politely" remembers your preference.

This is often what is behind a problem like "Paratext used to do thing X fine. Now every time I try it, it gives me an error."

When this happens you should do the following to make Paratext forget your problematic preference:

  1. From the Window menu, select Save Text Combinations [to save your current window layout]
  2. Close Paratext
  3. Hold down the shift key, keep holding it down
  4. Right click the Paratext 7 icon on the deskop, click Open.
    Keep holding down the shift key until you get the "Do you wish to report a problem and then reset all your Paratext settings?" question
  5. Click Yes.
  6. After Paratext reopens, click on the saved text combination in the Window menu to get your screen layout back.

After the reset it would be very helpful if you would keep a watch to discover what exact preference causes the problem. If you can figure it out and let us know we can make Paratext tolerant of your choice.