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Caution about Paratext 7 Send/Receive


The new Paratext 7 Send/Receive functionality can be used on a single machine to keep a project history of the files on that machine and to make an offsite backup of that history on the Internet server. There appear to be relatively few problems with this usage. When used in this way files must be moved between machines using Backup/Restore as in previous versions of Paratext.

There is a more complex multi-machine way to use Send/Receive to share files across machines ...

You are doing this whenever you use Settings > Share Project and then keep the default option of receiving changes back from the people you have shared with. You are also doing this when you do a Send with a USB drive on one machine and then do a Receive from the same drive on another machine (even if that machine is another machine which you yourself use).

Some projects (>30) have been very successful in using this new functionality and some projects have experienced problems with confusing or incorrect results.

What is necessary for a project to have a good result with this multi-machine functionality?

1. You must have good access to a Computer Consultant who can

  • Correctly perform the initial setup for you. The current system is NOT simple enough that the average user can setup the system on their own. It is also considerably more difficult for a consultant to try to recover from an improper setup than it is to start a project correctly in the first place. It is important to start project sharing by having the text only on one machine.
  • Provide you with initial training, including making sure your team understands the procedures that must be in place for this to work. In particular you need to understand the role of the project coordinator in directing the group so as to minimize problems associated with editing conflicts.

2. The supporting Consultant needs to have been trained on this functionality.
This will mean either face to face contact or Internet training based contact with a UBS consultant or developer. Since UBS focuses on training rather than documentation the documentation is not yet sufficiently complete that just reading the documentation alone is sufficient. We are working on this.

3. You should have few or none of the following complicating factors:

  • Poor internet connection [if you are planning to do Send/Recv via internet]
  • Mixed environment with some people having internet access and some machines requiring USB drive access
  • Large number of people on the team
  • Individuals on the team with very limited computing skills and no direct support

The Paratext development team is currently considering how to make this feature safer and simpler in P7.1. We are sorry if your team has been impacted by not having this information sooner but it has only recently become clear to us.