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Publishing Assistant 3 Release Announcement

Dear Publishing Assistant User,

This is a general announcement to inform you that Publishing Assistant 3 has been released and is available from the newly updated Paratext website at http://paratext.org. You can download the release from the Downloads\Publishing Assistant area. Please read the Release Notes for more information about PA3.

Publishing Assistant 3 installation now requires that Paratext 7 first be installed. This does not mean that you cannot continue using Paratext 6.  Both versions of Paratext can coexist on your system.

Access to Paratext 7 will require re-registration. The registration/installation process involves four steps: 

Step 1

If you have not previously registered for Paratext 7, complete the online registration form available at http://paratext.org/user/register. Be sure to indicate that your 'Primary Role' is 'Typesetter/Publisher' or document why you need access to Publishing Assistant.

At this point you will receive an email message indicating that you have successfully created a new account on the Paratext website. This account will ultimately provide you with access to the software, and will record information about your registration details.

Step 2

Awaiting an administrative approval process (confirming your direct involvement in scripture translation or production activities).

If you have previously been approved to use Paratext/Publishing Assistant this process should go quickly. Please see the Publishing Assistant Distribution Policy for more information.

Once your Paratext registration process is complete (step 2), you will receive a second email with your Paratext registration Name and Registration Code. At that time your website account will also be enabled to access additional areas such as software and resource downloads, and training materials.

Step 3

Please download and install Paratext 7.

Step 4

Please download and install Publishing Assistant 3.0

For any enquiries relating to the Paratext registration process, please email ptregadmin@ubs-translations.org

Additional Notes

You should download and install this release of Publishing Assistant 3, even if you have been running a beta or release candidate. You will not be able to receive/install future updates unless you have this base version installed.

After installing PA3 please click on the "Help\Check for program updates" menu. If you find that PA3 cannot connect to the update server, you may need to provide proxy settings. This can be configured on the Tools\Options dialog.

Thank you to everyone who helped shape and test this program. It is my hope that PA3 will help you perform your job better and that many will be blessed through the distribution of God's Living Word.