Paratext 7.1 Released

November 19, 2010

UBS is pleased to announce the release of Paratext 7.1.

This update includes important improvements in the areas of:

  • Project sharing (Send/Receive) setup and security
  • New wordlist and spell checking features
  • Interlinear tool support for scripture revision, back translation, and text adaptation
  • New Parallel Passages review and checking tool
  • ... plus numerous other improvements and bug fixes.

The updated Paratext information page, and the complete Release Announcement provide additional details about new 7.1 features.

New Paratext users need to complete the Paratext registration form. See About Paratext Registration for more details.


File 1495  Please review the Paratext 7.1 Release Notes and Installation Instructions before downloading files or beginning the install process.


The Paratext Team