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Paratext Overview

Paratext is a tool designed to help translators, exegetical advisors, translation consultants, project support staff produce quality translations from the point of view of both format and content. The program enables the translator to input a first or revised draft of the text and check and review that draft against the biblical source texts and a selection of model translations and resource materials in electronic format. The UBS Translation Handbook Series complement and enhance the resources of the major Bible versions included with Paratext. The Handbooks are detailed commentaries providing exegetical, historical, cultural, and linguistic information on the books of the Bible. They are prepared primarily to assist Bible translators.

Reviewing and entering translations in the editing window is enhanced through access to a selection of text Views. Text entry has been simplified, even for people who know little about standard format markers. Project teams can easily and safely share project data using a feature called Send/Receive. Security of the text is ensured through a project history feature. The interlinear window and glossing features facilitate back translations, adaptations, and revisions. Source Language Tools are fully integrated into the program. A wide variety of checking tools help users evaluate the text for accuracy and consistency, in order to develop a ‘clean’ electronic database of the scripture text. This database of text can then serve as a basis for electronic typesetting or production of a range of different editions and formats in a variety of media.

Below we profile some of the key features of Paratext 7.


Paratext Editor with Text Collection