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Publishing Assistant Registration and Distribution


Publishing Assistant is a collaborative development effort of the United Bible Societies ICAP and SIL Global Publishing Services (GPS) departments which can greatly simplify the Bible typesetting process. Although many areas of the software offer an intuitive and easy to use graphical interface, there are a variety of procedures and techniques used within the Publishing Assistant workflow which do require a careful and detailed explanation. In addition, although Publishing Assistant successfully automates many of the repetitive procedures involved in Bible typesetting, the software is not intended as a substitute for typesetting experience and skill.

UBS and SIL have a common understanding that the Publishing Assistant software is supplied to new users only in combination with:

  • an existing, valid Paratext user registration for the typesetter.

  • participation in an approved UBS or SIL Publishing Assistant training program
  • an "apprenticeship" style arrangement with an experienced and approved sponsor/mentor.

Distribution Policy

File 1446 Publishing Assistant is intended for use by the typesetter and the support staff involved in the translation publishing process. It is not intended for general use by translation teams. Implementation of Publishing Assistant should be discussed with your UBS ICAP support person, or the SIL GPS department, so that proper training and support can be arranged. Distribution of Publishing Assistant does not take place without appropriate training and support.

Training Events

As funding allows, the UBS ICAP program endeavors to provide a training and re-currency program every other year for CAP and publishing staff from national Bible Societies in each of the 4 UBS areas (4 events). The specific agenda for these events is developed as a response to training needs expressed through Bible society staff, and as an opportunity to introduce functionality and features in new or updated software. Publishing Assistant orientation is typically a feature of one or more of these area events.

SIL has offered software training and re-currency opportunities through a series of workshops held after the bi-annual CTC (Computer Technical Conference). Publishing Assistant orientation and training has been offered at these events. In additional, the GPS department has periodically offered a longer 12 week typesetter training program. Some entities have also been able to host local training events.


We are presently working to develop a list of partners (national Bible Society staff, SIL entity publishing staff, others) with whom an interested potential user could seek to arrange for the required start-up orientation. We believe that there are many benefits from this type of arrangement, including the development of local user communities where support can be focused more easily on common issues and needs (esp. language/script specific configuration).


Publishing Assistant requires an installation of Paratext 7 on the typesetter's system, which is registered in the typesetter's name. In addition, Publishing Assistant 4 now requires its own registration code. This code will be connected to the typesetter's Paratext registration name.

We wish to make the registration process as simple and straight forward as possible. Existing PubAssist users logged into this website can request a registration code for Publishing Assistant 4 here, or using the request form visible at the right side of this page. If the registration form is not accessible, check to be sure that you are indeed logged in to this site. If you forget you website access details, you can request a new password via email here.

If you have further inquiries about Publishing Assistant 4 registration, please contact