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About Publishing Assistant

Publishing Assistant supports the typesetter in completing the tasks required to publish a Paratext USFM text. Publishing Assistant provides an interface for entering specifications for the Bible layout, and then automates nearly all of the layout operations in Adobe InDesign that were previously done manually by the typesetter. This leaves the typesetter free to concentrate on the final adjustments necessary for a high quality publication. The following operations have all been successfully automated:

  • Placement of footnotes and cross references.
  • Placement of illustrations.
  • Text adjustment so that both columns are the same height (column balancing).
  • Creation of page headers and footers.
  • Creation of a table of contents.
  • Diglot layouts.
  • Exporting USFM text from the typeset files (roundtrip).

This tool results in a high quality Bible with fewer chances for errors introduced by manual operations, and in a shorter amount of time than previous systems. Publishing Assistant is currently in use in all 4 UBS regions.

Publishing Assistant Toolbar Palette   Publishing Assistant Job Specifications Interface

Availability and Prerequisites

File 1446 Distribution Policy

Publishing Assistant is intended for use by the typesetter and the support staff involved in the translation publishing process. It is not intended for general use by translation teams. Implementation of Publishing Assistant should be discussed with your Area UBS CAP manager, or SIL GPS department, so that proper training and support can be arranged. Distribution of Publishing Assistant does not take place without appropriate training and support.

Project Text Requirements

The translation project text must exist as a Paratext 6 or 7 project, and be marked up using valid USFM markers. At a minimum, the Chapter-verse, Reference, and SFM checks should have been run on the project text, and any errors found corrected. Preferably all other important checks should also be run to get the text as clean as possible.